Returning an order

Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code gives you the opportunity to retract your order. To do this, you must send a letter of withdrawal to the seller within 14 days of receiving the order.

The goods must be returned to the seller within 14 days. You will then demand a refund of the total amount of the order as well as the possible delivery costs. The sum must be paid to you at the latest within 30 days of the withdrawal. Remember to attach a copy of the invoice and don’t forget to keep a copy of your letter.

Example of a letter for a withdrawal within 14 days

Name, first name
B.S.M Company
29 Rue du Pressoir
69220 Belleville en Beaujolais

Subject: withdrawal within 14 days

Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Dear Sir or Madam,

On ___, I ordered ___ (reference and name of the item purchased) from your company. This purchase was made directly from your online store, for a total amount of ___ euros.

The same day, I received by e-mail a confirmation of my order. In accordance with article L.121-20 of the French Consumer Code, I wish to retract my order. Thus, the current date still gives me the possibility to cancel this purchase made at a distance.

I would like to thank you for reimbursing me the sum of ___ euros which corresponds to the price of the product and the delivery costs. Of course, there is no need to deliver the goods to me. Please find enclosed a copy of the order form.
Please accept, Madam, Sir, the assurance of my best regards.