Kawasaki Vulcan's side plate bracket

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Kawasaki Vulcan's side plate support

The product has been designed in two parts to be able to adjust its inclination. It is placed on the swingarm in the wheel axis. The mounting is made of 5 mm thick stainless steel and the plate is made of 3 mm thick steel which ensures rigidity and absorbs all vibrations. The plate support is coated with a high quality black epoxy paint. It is supplied with an LED plate light according to European standards and a screw and nut fixing kit as well as black nut covers, a heat-shrinkable sheath to be able to connect the electric beam of the LED light. You have the possibility, either to put your lighting of plate in top or in bottom in both cases the license plate will cover the whole of your support of plate. The diameter of the plate bracket is 25mm. (dimension of the support length 135mm x height 125mm) All French and International license plates can be mounted on the side plate support.


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