Tecmate OptiMATE Monitor O-125 cable

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Tecmate OptiMATE Monitor O-125 cable

Monitor cable for AGM / Lead Acid batteries. 15cm long. Inline with 2-pin SAE to 2-pin SEA connectors with waterproof sealing cap. 4 LEDs cover ‘full to empty’ voltage range of all 12V batteries, including higher voltage AGM for power sport (4th √√ LED ≥ 12.7V.

  • Micro processor driven 4 LED system used to monitor battery status.
  • Informs you if the battery is in a good/needs charge/not good condition
  • When the engine is running it also informs you if the vehicle's charging system is working. Then the LED mode changes to an arrow, with the pointer reaching the LED matching the voltage being delivered by charging system. No arrow means there is no charge
  • A bright red LED warns that the charge level has reached 50% and that it is time to recharge that battery
  • During vehicle storage the LED matching the battery’s state of charge will blink every 5 seconds, drawing very little power (0.2 milli-amps) to do so, in fact 20-100 times less than the vehicle’s circuitry is drawing from the battery at the same time
  • Fast blink mode for first 15 seconds after connection to battery, for quick check of multiple batteries (e.g. vehicles on showroom floor)

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